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Learn to play the violin whenever and wherever you want with online videos combined with
weekly online LIVE lessons.

With over 4,000 students, Creative Violin is the place to be to start playing the violin!


Last Summer Live Class: Aug 24th

Live Classes resume on Sept. 14th.

What is the New Creative Violin Method?

Simply: Learning violin the 2021 way:
Combining online study with weekly live coaching.

Creative Violin is a complete method online, featuring many styles of music, studies, songs and even improvisation from the first lesson.

Practice along with the videos 24/7 and get weekly personal guidance from your personal coach (yes, a real person!!) in the online LIVE classes.

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It's easy to get started.

Beginners Course

Boost your skills with the best method online.
Become an advanced player the fast and fun way.

Improvisation Course

Boost your skills with the best method online.
Become an advanced player the fast and fun way.

Always know exactly what to practice

Method 🎻

Step-By-Step Curriculum

Stop wasting your practice time on random YouTube lessons.
With the proven Creative Violin Method, you’ll always know exactly what to work on for maximum results.   

Songs / Styles 🎧

Play different music genres.

Learning different styles of music broadens the horizon and feeds the creative mind.
Apart from that, everybody loves it, especially the improvisation! "Never a dull moment".

 Coaches  👨‍💻 

Motivation & Support

Unlike most online lessons, you’re NOT getting a bunch of recorded videos and left to figure it out yourself.
We’re here for you every step of the way.
Connect with teachers and students in the weekly live classes and the Creative Violin Community.


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Weekly online Live Lessons

We host live lessons every week.
You are invited to join the lessons actively (premium plan) or from an audience seat (standard plan), all up to you.


No violin? No problem!

If you sign up for an annual plan and have no violin yet, we will buy one for you, have it sent to your address and even support 20% of the price.

Why choose for Creative Violin?

     Creative Violin       Youtube       Private Lessons   
Learn from home, anytime  
Step by step curriculum  
High quality interactive videos    
Weekly Live lessons*    
Personal / professional reviews and feedback    
Get answers to your questions  
Re-watch any lesson  
Get all scores of each lesson  
Learn with improvisation    
Learn different styles    
Learn to read music effortless  
Learn the needed theory in practice  

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What Students Say:

Ruthy S.

This course is focused, highly motivating and has increased my skill level considerably in a very short time.
The interactions with the teacher in the improvisation exercises gives one a real sense of ownership of the instrument (not to mention the thrill of playing along with another musician right from lesson one!)
The ability to ask questions during live webinars is also invaluable.
This is by far the most engaging online course and is just as immersive as learning with a teacher in person.
Xander's enthusiasm is absolutely infectious.
Thank you for this fantastic resource.

Minodora C.

"I got dizzy searching the internet and YouTube for violin lessons.
When I found Creative Violin I felt I was in heaven!
Creative Violin is a straight forward website where you will find everything about violin lessons.
All the video’s make it feel I have a teacher standing next to me all the time when I study.
I even started improvising in the first lessons!”

Steven D.

Mr. Nichting, Creative Violin, is covering a lot of necessary techniques that I haven't seen in other tutorials or books.
Other instructors seem to just hope we'll figure out these points by trial and error (for example, when to switch from upper arm to elbow motion when bowing).
In a word, he's thorough!